Ann Pfeiffer, Class of 1970 Franklyn

Profile Updated: September 30, 2009
Residing In: Bothell, WA USA
Occupation: Grant Writer
Children: Victor, born 1978; Heather, born 1980
School Story:

David Stapp & Fred Goff in Guys & Dolls, Music Man & Anne of A Thousand Days. Teachers Sally Rupp & Kee Higday, I never would have graduated without them. I remember David Slinney saying if I showed up for Driver's Ed tripping 1 more time he'd tell Mr. Harris.

I remember the pink bunnies, where in the world did you ever find them?

I remember the beauty of David Newman playing water polo. He will be missed.

I remember Tim Little knocking on my bedroom window & waking me up in the middle of the night trying to get my brother David to sneak out with him. Wondering what those guys were up to.

I remember singing in the chorus with Karen Meek, she had a great alto voice.

I remember when PE went coed & we had to play golf with the guys, we drove Mr. Lucas crazy & the sun was so hot on the upper field I almost wished we could dress out in the silly white shorts & shirt. Smoking at the gate, cutting class a going to Limantour Beach or the spillway at the Reservoir.

The drugs, the booze & rock & roll. They were wild times for sure.


My brother David told me about the reunion & since I was "in the middle" graduating in Jan. 1970 I decided I'd go look up old friends.

Since leave TLHS I ran wild for a while. Lived in Haight-Ashbury right after graduation. Tried College of Marin in the drama dept. of course. My only claim to fame is that I made costumes for Robin Williams, before he was a Mork. Wasn't ready to settle down.

Met & married my only husband Rex-the-Ex. Only lasted 13 years, but he took me to Alaska where I lived 18 years and had many great adventures. Fighting fires & driving an ambulance above the Artic Circle, building a house in the woods without permits or inspectors. Raising 2 great kids & 3 foster sons, who all think salmon is "poor man's food", most of that time I was a single Mom. I went back to school in in 1991 and graduated from Univ. of Alaska, Anchorage with a BA in Psych. Which I put to good use with over 20 years working in Human Services. Child & adolscent mental health, child protection, domestic violence & running a alcohol & drug treatment center for adolescents. Know I live around the corner from my daughter & care for my Mom who was left a quadreplegic in a drunk driving accident in 2005 & has Alzheimer's. In my free time I'm on the Board of a community theatre & freelance as a grant writer.

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Hi Greg; whenever I'm drawn to TLHS page I've wondered if you were still around. Fun to see you are alive & well. Enjoying grandfathering I bet. Maybe reunion next year?

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