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Rewind for 8/30/14



•   Maria Krzesowiak (Sisson)  8/25
•   Stephen Robinson  8/23
•   Joan Stanz (Wegner)  8/19
•   Jackson "Jack" Dennis  8/19
•   Ford Radus  8/18
•   Claudia Graham (Elkin)  8/15
•   Gary Trono  8/12
•   Paul Emmons  8/12
•   Steven Lockett  8/12
•   Chris Hill  8/12
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Who lives where - click links below to find out.

2 live in Alaska
5 live in Arizona
252 live in California
3 live in Colorado
1 lives in Connecticut
8 live in Florida
3 live in Georgia
2 live in Hawaii
2 live in Idaho
2 live in Illinois
2 live in Kansas
3 live in Kentucky
2 live in Maryland
2 live in Michigan
1 lives in Minnesota
1 lives in Montana
11 live in Nevada
1 lives in New Hampshire
1 lives in New Mexico
3 live in New York
1 lives in North Carolina
2 live in Ohio
20 live in Oregon
2 live in Tennessee
7 live in Texas
1 lives in Vermont
1 lives in Virginia
7 live in Washington
2 live in Wisconsin
2 live in Wyoming
1 lives in Mexico
1 lives in Philippines
1 lives in Switzerland
1 lives in Uruguay
60 location unknown


Know the email address of a missing Classmate? Click here to contact them!

Welcome to the official Terra Linda High School Class of 1969 web site, your main source for information on fellow Trojans, the Class of 1969 Scholarship, reunion activities, and so much more!

If you are a Class of 1969 classmate who is not registered with our site, please join! 

There is no cost involved and you will not receive spam or junk email from the site.  But you will have the opportunity to interact with fellow classmates on this private web site solely for the TLHS Class of 1969!



August 27, 2014 Napa Earthquake:

Hope all our Napa based classmates, Steve Fanfelle, Steve Robinson, Jack Dennis, and all others and their families have had no difficulties due to the devastating West Napa Quake. I'm visiting the area now and can attest to the violence of this earthquake. My thoughts and prayers go out to you and your loved ones.

Greg Collins

(Well said - thank you Greg for this update)

Posted August 22, 2014:

Good Day My TLHS '69 Friends,

I'm not needing to have you respond to this announcement.

Here's simply what I want to let you all know...

I do value and care for each of you - no matter how far flung we may have become, nor how close, or distant, our connections may have been 45+ years ago.

Kathleen has planned a wonderful event for us all to share together October 10th-12th in Reno, NV. (You can learn more about it by reading down below.)

Life is fragile, fleeting, and short-lived.

Life is also all we have to deal with - until we don't anymore. (pretty Zen, huh?)

Getting together with any, and/or all of you, is something I look forward to doing in just a few more weeks.

You all have friends from the Class of 1969 - many of whom I did not know then, and do not know now.

My suggestion is: Invite them all - as I have done with you here today.

The power/energy I felt in the room at our "40th Reunion in Napa" was special and unique.

Five years hence (and with more than a few of us gone forever in that short space of time) my sense is that seeing who we can, when we can is always a good thing to do.

I don't live in fear of not being here - I do live with an awareness that being here in the 'present' is just as it sez - a gift!

Safe travels where your journeys may take you, and if it's to Reno in a few weeks - all the better.

My Best,

Paul Ennis

August 25, 2014 Update:  Having received several questions since the August 21 update (left below for reference), I would like to to clarify whether the reunion is "on or off":

No worries - the Reunion in Reno is still on and everything will occur as planned! 

As of this morning, there are 64 registrants (classmates, spouses, and guests), and there are several more classmates who have made room reservations, but haven't registered as of yet. 

However, last Thursday (August 21), I was quite worried there might not be enough money to cover the projected expenses as the goal of 80 attendees had not been met (a number the reunion pricing was based on).  Thus, this morning, I "crunched the numbers" and I'm pleased to report that all is okay.  But if there are 80, or more, attendees, all the better.

The reunion is all about you!  All I have done is provide classmates the opportunity to get together with fellow classmates (and their spouses and/or guests) to enjoy each other's company in a relaxing, enjoyable setting. 

As to why you might take advantage of this opportunity?  I believe Paul said it best in his message above - "seeing who we can, when we can, is always a good thing."   And I would add to that - "the more the merrier"!

Bottom line:  The Reunion in Reno is on and it's going to be a great time!

August 21, 2014 Update:  Just a note to let you know that the reunion pricing is based on a minimum of 80 attendees.  As of this date, need at least 20 more classmates/spouses/guests to register and purchase tickets.  So if you are ready for a little R 'n R, now is the time to join in the fun at our

Reunion in Reno

October 10 - 12, 2014

Friday evening Welcome Reception: Blue and Gold Night at the Peppermill Reno

Plenty of free time on Saturday to take full advantage of staying at the Peppermill Reno or explore downtown Reno, Lake Tahoe, or Virginia City

Saturday evening Drinks, Dinner, and Dancing in the Streets at the National Automobile Museum (The Harrah Collection)

Sunday morning Farewell Breakfast at the Peppermill Reno

Visit our Reunion in Reno page for your one-stop shopping

There you can register and purchase your event tickets, and even reserve your hotel room

The last date to register and purchase tickets will be September 28. 

Reunion in Reno - it's going to be a great time!

If you are wondering who is attending our Reunion in Reno, go to "Classmate Profiles" (on the left-side navigation bar) and then click on "Attending Reunion in Reno 10/10/14" to see who has registered thus far (just be sure you are logged in).  Many more will follow as registration and ticket sales will be available until September 28.

Looking for your car photos and stories:

As one of the Reunion in Reno events will be at the National Automobile Museum, a new photo gallery has been created entitled "Classmates Cars."  This is an opportunity for classmates to share photos and stories of their first or favorite cars. 

Just go to "Trojan Gallery" on the left-side navigation bar of our home page and then click on the "Classmates Cars" gallery.  Everything is all set up for you to add your photo(s), along with a caption for each photo. 

However, would ask that you keep the photo resolution as low as possible, as our web site has a limited amount of storage capacity.

Please join in the fun of sharing!







August 13, 2014 Update:  The number of registered classmates just keeps growing - four classmates have registered since July 1!

If you are in touch with fellow classmates, please spread the word and encourage them to join our site.  Thanks!

The Classmate Challenge that began March 28 will end September 30.

Classmates will receive one point for each classmate they find who registers, or reregisters, with the Class of 1969 web site.  The found classmate must let the Site Administrator know which classmate referred them to the web site when they register/reregister.

As of May 8, there is a 3-way tie for the lead - Robin (Fagg) Quon, Russ Koehler, and Alison (Lurie) Harris, so the tie needs to be broken.

What's it in for you?  How about 75 percent off whatever reunion ticket you purchase! 

So put on your Sherlock Holmes hat and start tracking down our "missing" classmates. 

Did you know that you can now do all of the things you can do on our class web site from inside Facebook. It's called Class Connection, and you'll find it's very simple to join and use. Follow these 3 quick steps to get connected:

  1. Log into our class web site at
  2. Click the "Class Connection" link under Member Functions.

      On the Class Connection Join Screen,
            Type "Terra Linda High School" in the "enter school name" box

            Click on "Terra Linda High School, San Rafael, California" when that box loads

            Next, click on "select class year" - a drop box will appear for you to select 1969. 

            Then click on "Join Class" 

That's it - you're Facebook connected!  Well, you are if you are already logged on to Facebook.  If not, you will need to log into your Facebook account.

Once connected, on your Facebook "home page," you should see "Class Connection" in the left-hand navigation bar under "Apps." 

For quick access to Class Connection (i.e. our Class of 1969 web site), you might want to add the app to your Facebook Favorites.  Here is an example as to how (just be sure you are on your Facebook "home page"):

Whatever you do in your profile in Class Connection will also update the Class of 1969 web site - and vice versa - that is, you are directly on the Terra Linda High School Class of 1969 web site whether you access it directly at or via the Facebook Class Connection app.

For more details, please review email sent March 20 or contact the Site Administrator.

Are you registered with our Class of 1969 web site but not receiving notifications from the site? 

If so, it is most likely that the email address listed in your profile is not valid and reachable. 

Any changes to your email address(es) must be made by you.  To do so, please follow these steps:

Log on to using your old email address and password.

On the left-side of the home page, under MEMBER FUNCTIONS, click on, "Edit Contact Information."

On the profile page, makes any necessary changes to your email address(es) - you may enter more than one email address (always beneficial). 

Having your contact information up-to-date will eliminate emails sent from the web site from being bounced back as undeliverable and ensure you receive messages from our Class web site and your fellow classmates.

In addition, please add to your address book, safe sender's list, whitelist, or safe list (depending on your email provider) as emails generated from our Class of 1969 web site are sent from this address.

Thanks for keeping your contact information current!