Trojan Tips

Dear Fellow Classmate,

As the Site Administrator of our Class of 1969 website, I am always striving to keep the website revelant, fresh, and lively, while trying to bring smilessmiley to your faces.   Sometimes I'm successful, sometimes not so much.

Although TerraLinda1969 gets really good traffic, it seems classmates are not doing much of anything other than just logging in and then logging off.  In other words, classmates do not seem to be engaging with one another in any sort of online chit-chat or posting photos and stories, etc.

Thus, I've created this Suggestion Box for you to easily send me your ideas, comments, and/or questions about our website in hopes it will stimulate greater activity on the website.

This is our Class of 1969 website, so let me know what will keep you engaged.  As I will be the only recipient of your thoughts, feel free to fire away.

Kathleen Paini Clemence

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